People ask me, they say, “Dildo Chick, how do you name so many dildos day in and day out?”

I do wonder in amazement about it myself sometimes… How could I name hundreds of dildos and not repeat myself or run out of names… It’s truly a gift. I’m like… a cock whisperer. I hold it delicately in my hands and… listen… listen to the cock… listen to the cock… let it….. tell……. me…………

I don’t force my names upon it. No, it tells ME what it is. It shows ME it’s essence, then I choose a witty name that captures the essence the dildo felt comfortable enough sharing with me.

You might think I’m joking… but I’m not. I mean, I don’t actually hear the name, but I do close my eyes and see what comes to me.

Some of my favorites…

Ok, wait, in looking over our latest release, there are no AMAZING names, like my man’s favorite: the Ballsy Super Cock by Doc Johnson. (brilliant!) The problem is that we try to get information into the name, so… Ok, I want to share some of my favorite toys that we make with you. I named these. And you can see how we try to cram info in the name. “Why don’t you demand to have ONLY witty names,” you ask? I choose my battles wisely…

Noveltease™ Inflatable Beach Ball-Sac

Noveltease™ Don’t Spit – Swallow!, Penis Shot Glass

Heart-On Orgasm Ball

Lex Steele™ 10X Low Ridin’ Love Bullet®

Virtual Sex: Featherweight CyberSkin® Cock and Ass

Caesar 2.0 Love Machine 110V, Pink

Bad Seed™ Kong Sized Black Dong with DVD

Bad Seed™ EZ Bend 7X Vibrating Double Shocker with DVD

Kimberly Williams PleasureSkin® 36DD Breasts

Marco Banderas Uncut CyberSkin® Cock

Tommy Gunn Sexxx Bullet

Joanna Angel™ Vibrating CyberSkin® Doggy Style Pussy and Ass

Joanna Angel™ Spiked Duotone Balls, Punk Ass Pink