If you’ve been following my life at the dildo factory, you know it takes me places I’d normally never go. Well, in doing some research, I came across this website: www.blowmeupsexdolls.com. It had me ROLLING, laughing out loud. My co-workers were all like, “What’s so funny?” And I couldn’t even answer. It’s a site that blows up all the inflatable love dolls on the market so dudes (and chicks) can comparison shop. Here’s what was cracking me up:

WHO would find this sexy?!?!??!!perfectdoll1-21 It looks like Dee Snider from Twisted Sister!































This is like a horror movie! I just imagine a guy pulling this out of the box and dropping it , screamng!

























Ok, just – what?!?!?!? Purple pubes?!?!

























If that vapid “blonde” look turns you on…

























Ok, if the John Holmes Deluxe Realistic Doll really actually IS realistic, I didn’t realize he had such a long… neck and such huge… shoulders.

























The super sexy plastic surgery facelift nightmare doll… Her lip injections look good though…

























For those of you that get turned on when your chick is YELLING AT YOU!


























If you like a girl who loves suprises… and always looks surprised…

























Cleopatra. What the…?


























IT’S A MAN, BABY!! I think I saw “her” on the corner of Santa Monica and Highland on Saturday night. Aye Papy…



























There are a few dolls that I think look pretty good… The Angelina Jolie look alike doll…























AND, she’s got ink!sophiadolltats Just like Angie!
























This one talks! Which, in my opinion, completely defeats the purpose OF a doll. Why not just get a real girl???!?!
























All joking aside, I was stunned to learn that inflatable dolls sell REALLY well. So, who am I to judge?!

Happy Blowing,