February 2010

It was freezing, but it was a blast! The Vida Vixens hit the streets of Park City during the Sundance Film Festival and stoked everyone with adorable pink Vida beanies!

We had the massagers out on the street and people got a KICK out of that!

Even the mysterious Agent Vida made a brief appearance; just long enough for a few snapshots, but not long enough that they would be able to pinpoint her location.

I love the wacky people at The Brunching Shuttlecocks. They came up with this quiz. I got 6 out of 12 WRONG!

She has flowing hair, smooth skin, languid eyes, and she’s completely naked. Are we discussing here a star of one of the approximately four hundred thousand single-, double-, and triple-X-rated films out there, or one of the approximately four hundred thousand different “My Little Ponies” they flooded toy stores with in the Eighties?

That’s what we’re here to find out. Below is a list of names. Each name belongs to either a porn star, or a My Little Pony. Your job is to try and tell the fornicator from the latter. Supine or equine? New Wave Hookers or new-agey hoofers? You make the call.



                                  Porn Star or Pony

    Cherry Treats
    Lucky Star
    Love Melody
    Daisy Sweet
    Sunshine Blue
    Honey Rose
    Ruby Lips
    Misty Rain
    Green Eyes
    Heart Throb
    Chocolate Delight
    Sweetie Pie


Click to see how well you know your little pony stars:


Once again, working at the dildo factory has shown me things I’d never otherwise see.

I received a “Happy Holidays” email from Pure Talent. Not knowing who they were or what sort of talent they represent, I clicked on http://www.pure-talent.com and perused the “Feature Entertainers.” (I realize that says “Feature” not “Featured”.)

Joy! A collection of the largest-breasted women I’ve ever seen, all in one place! AND midgets too! (No tranny midgets though, sorry everybody.)


They’re SO amazing (I’m being serious) that I have to share them with you!

What’s it like to have tits this big…

Crystal Storm aka Crystal Ashley Feature Entertainer

…And then be outdone by a chick with tits THIS big…?

Chelsea Charms

HOW do you get  a chiropractic adjustment with these? Cuz you know you’ll need one!

Chelsea Charms

Ok, that just looks painful.

Chelsea Charms

How do these girls stay in shape? Can you even jog with those? WHERE do you shop for jog-bras in that size?

Crystal Storm aka Crystal Ashley Feature Entertainer

HOW do you hug someone? Platonically.

Chelsea Charms

HOW do you… see your feet?

Crystal Storm aka Crystal Ashley Feature Entertainer

Sleeping on your stomach is OUT of the question.

Chelsea Charms

If I was a pretty midget, like Bridget the Midget, I’d totally do porn too. (Seriously. I’m not judging.) I totally dig Bridget. How adorable is she?

Bridget The Midget - Porn Star - Feature Entertainer

Bridget The Midget - Porn Star - Feature Entertainer
Little Lacie… Oh honey, this isn’t the right look for you.
Little Lacey - Feature Entertainer
This one not so much either.
Little Lacey - Feature Entertainer
This works waaaaay better Capt’n.
Little Lacey - Feature Entertainer