never, in my life, thought I would even have a favorite midget tranny. But they’re fascinating. Who isn’t captivated by little people – never mind the fact that they’re little chicks with dicks. And often, surprisingly, quite big dicks for such little chicks.501[1]

The Tranny O’ the Month is Lil’ Paloma. In perusing her photos, it appears that she chose to get a butt implant instead of breast implants. An interesting choice!

Who doesn’t love this loveable little person tranny with a hot pink feather in her hair?!

 503[1]Just do a Google Image search for Lil’ Paloma. There are some awesome picturs of her out there. You’ve got to check out the butt implant. As a woman, I find the whole concept of butt implants fascinating. I think there should be like, a donor situation: any woman who wants a butt reduction can donate her fat ass to a tranny who currently has a tiny butt, but who would rather have a large ass. Symbiotic surgery. It’s gonna be all the rage one day. Mark my words.

Below is the banner I found on her site, I love it, it says, “Hi, I’m Paloma. I come from Spain and I love to party. Guys are always attracted to me. They love to pick me up and toss me around, it’s HOT.” My favorite line is: “I’m from Spain and I love to party.” As if there isn’t a WHOLE lot more to this complex litte person! She might be little, she says, but her cock is full size, baby! Decide for yourself:


I have to give a shout out to Ruby Washington, still one of my faves (see my older post about Miss Ruby: and check out the LovelyLadyBoy site:

And THIS looks interesing, Bridget the Midget Powers in a space age porn:









Ok, for those of you that are just fascinated by midget porn stars, not necesarily tranny midget porn stars, check out:







Who is YOUR favorite midget tranny pornstar??