Ok, everyone, wish me luck. I’m finally headed onto a plane with vibrators in my suitcase! I’m going to the Sundance Film Festival to film the promotion of the new Vida line of luxury pleasure objects at the famous festival. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories from our sales people about traveling with vibrators. Some have been pulled aside into customs, some have been asked to open their suitcases and pull out what ever is vibrating… Here’s to hoping I don’t have any similar stories.


We rubbed elbows with the cream of the Hollywood crop on January 13th at Voyeur for the Vida Launch Party. Check out the celebrities that graced our red carpet and watch the video here.

Leonardo DeCaprio was there! (This isn’t what he looks like now, but this is how I wish he still looked! I’m a total pedophile!) He snuck in the back door, but I swear he was there. It really doesn’t get better than Leo. Sigh… Perez Hilton even talked about the party, mentioning Snookie from Jersey Shore was there. I’d complain about Jersey Shore and say I can’t believe it’s “entertainment” but I refuse to even watch it.

Other guests, aside from lovely myself, included actors Shane West, Jonathon Schaech, Simon Rex, Christopher Masterson, actresses Lindsay Lohan, Natasha Henstridge, Carmen Electra, Dedee Pfeiffer, Jana Kramer, Kate Linder, former professional wrestler Stacy Kiebler, Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta, former Girl Next Door star Bridget Marquardt, and the entire cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore. The evening was hosted by Sofia Vergara and featured a performance by Robin Thicke.

Well, I’ll let you know if I get held up in customs or arrested for having vibrating luggage. Hmm, vibrating luggage… That’s an interestig idea…



Life at the Dildo Factory catapulted me into the middle of a paparazzi media storm last Thursday! I parked across the Pacific Coast Highway from the Malibu Beach House and was standing in the center turn lane, waiting and waiting for traffic to stop so I could cross the street. Guys kept slowing to check me out, but none of them would stop and le me cross! I had to finish setting up the Topco Sales Top Secret Room before Lindsay Lohan was supposed to arrive.

Suddenly a black Infinity zooms aroud me, pulls into the center turn lane and makes a left into oncoming traffic. I can’t believe it! I can feel that there is another car uncomfortably close to me, so I turn around and there’s Lindsay in her convertible Lexus, about to turn into the beach house. I take advantage of the screeching traffic and dart across the street, just as Lindsay is walking into the house. I elbow my way past the paparazi and follow her in. They even caught me on paparazzi video:
(I’m the one with the black hair!)7411-6_product_1_lg[1]

Lindsay went into the Topco Top Secret Room and made a bee-line for TLC’s hot pink Private Dancer stripper pole, did a few twirls then became enthralled with the Grrl Toyz Lipstick Vibe.

All girls love this vibe. It’s totally incognito and can just hang out in your purse for those “special moments” when you find yourself alone.

Other A List celebs that have visited the Beach House include Tori Spelling, Busy Phillips and (my fav!) Dexter star, Jennifer Carpenter. Busy Phillips and Jennifer Carpenter with TopcoMany other fabulous people are slated to visit the Beach House this month. To keep up with all things Malibu Beach House , check out http://topsecretroom.topcosales.us/  and watch out for the paparazzi! They’re crazy drivers!