So, quite possibly the strangest thing about my job is that if you’re looking at a website that isn’t porn, the boss would be like, “What are you doing, get back to work.” I realize this is the complete opposite of most people’s jobs. It has its drawbacks; I’ve seen things I’d rather not have seen, you know? Well, now that I’m blogging, I can share those things with you!

Yesterday I was doing “research” on Tranny Fetish, because I had to name a new toy, and, wow. I mean, what can I say. Wow. Those girls have dicks! Or, I guess I could say, those dudes have tits! Either way, it’s crazy. I’m happy to report that it still shocks me a bit, and why am I happy to report that you ask? Because working in the “biz” makes you numb to a lot of things that used to shock you.

In my “research” I came across the following at

Little Person Tranny Ruby Washington gets some hot tranny sex in this scene. Ruby is a midget tranny that has a big cock and always gets the cock that she wants. Ruby gets it by the back here and even gives some cock. This stud pounds Ruby like the little midget whore that she is and she loves it. This guy has the time of his life here because he gets to pound some mini-midget tranny ass. If you like midgets and trannys then you will find no better scene.


I’m just glad to know the P.C. way to refer to a midget ladyboy: Little Person Tranny. Get it right or the little people trannies of the world will… fuck you in the shin!

Wow. Just wow.