It was, indeed, another hard day at the office…

I spent two days in Culver City at VCV Communications shooting thousands of pictures of beautiful people for my company’s next catalog. Just one of the many perks of working at a dildo factory. It’s not ALL hair nets and closed-toe shoes!

I was assisting Marianne, the Art Director. I was in charge of model releases and keeping the production on schedule. The first model up was Anthony Nelson. He’s super sweet and nice, with a-mazing abs (of course) and a bright white smile. Anthony is an up-and-comer – he told me he just did a huge campaign for Macy’s. You can’t put your finger on his exotic good looks; he told me his ethnic makeup, but I forgot – I remember he’s part Native American though.


Being a more mainstream model, Antohy had never done such a sexy photo shoot as the one we threw him into. He had to roll around with Penthouse goddess, Laura Lee. She’s HOT. What an amazing figure. Tiny waist, huge boobs, great ass. She was a wonderful high fashion model, which is what we were shooting – high fashion. But for some racier pictures of Laura Lee, go here: 



















After we got the shot we needed and Laura got off Anthony, he said, “I need a cigarette!” and everyone laughed. The shoot got even more fun when I fould some batteries and revved up a few of the sex toys we had on hand for product shots. I turned the climax rabbit on “high” and stuck it in the photographer’s armpit. He jumped and squirmed and said in his French accent, “Ooooh! It give me a hard on!”

The hair stylists completely cornered me, asking me all kinds of questions about what each of our vibes do and where they could buy our toys. I showed them how you’re supposed to touch the vibe to your nose to mimic the sensitivity of your more private parts. Everyone laughed and laughed! I forget that normal people get all squirmy and nervous around vibrators! I forget I’m not “normal” anymore! As Dominic Figlio’s abs paraded in front of me for the 50th time, I couldn’t help but think how some people are just blessed with height, lean body mass, a well proportioned physique and how lucky they are that there is such a thing as the Modeling Industry. Curses! I’m only 5′ 1″!

I was excited to work with Dominic, having watched him on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. He was actually sort of quiet and shy when he got to the studio, but as the Red Bull kicked in, he became more relaxed. We’ve worked with him before and we’re always happy with his abs, I mean, his work.

My favorite shots of the day were BY FAR the ones with Laura Lee on the couch surrounded by Anthony and Dominic. Yum! A Love Sandwich. My favorite kind of sandwich! 







  Love Sandwich